Westwood Live-Edge Décor

Westwood Living creates custom live-edge pieces or furniture upon request. Live-edge pieces are made of wood, and they preserve the outer, natural, uneven edge of the wood, which makes each piece unique and eye-catching.

Normally, when wood is processed into boards, all the live-edge is cut straight. We keep the live-edge and work with its natural shape to create something beautiful and original.

Custom Live Edge Décor

Almost anything that is made of wood can be made with a live-edge. We’ll give you some examples below:

  • Picture frames
  • Standalone pieces
  • Boxes
  • Vase or round shaped pieces (made with a lathe)
  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Bowls
  • Shelves, freestanding or within bookcases
  • Doors

Westwood Living works with interior designers, architects, and contractors to create custom furniture pieces and accents. We often work with maple and walnut, but we can work with any local and/or sustainable wood that is available per the client’s needs.

If you need something special like a live-edge creation to add to your décor, then let us know and we can work with you to create exactly what you want, just contact us. We are always happy to talk about live-edge products.