Live-Edge Wood Experts - About Westwood Living

Westwood Living creates all kinds of custom wood furniture and wood décor with a live-edge and finished with an epoxy resin.

Dave Zemora - Master Wood Worker

Westwood Living was created by Dave Zemora when he became passionate about live-edge furniture and perceived a market demand for it.

Dave is a master woodworker who specializes in live-edge creations. He has a number of charcuterie boards available and in stock, and he also does custom live-edge work.

Working with Live-Edge Wood is an Art

You have to preserve as much of the live-edge as possible and work with each idiosyncratic piece of wood, which will be different from any other piece of wood.

Wood is carefully selected piece-by-piece for the project at hand. Westwood Living works closely with the client to figure out how to best showcase the wood chosen and how to give the client exactly what he or she wants.

Live-edge furniture and art is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to use wood that is grown locally in British Columbia and create something unique that will last a long time.

With projects throughout the Lower Mainland and in Greater Vancouver, Westwood Living would be happy to work with you bringing your live-edge ideas to life. Please feel free to contact us and talk about how live-edge pieces can fit into your design. Making our clients happy is our first priority.

We have some live-edge charcuterie boards in stock, and we are willing to ship across Canada. Please contact us for more information.